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Don't Replace Good Concrete just because the Ground has Settled.

Save it, don't Replace it...
With a Warranty! - - - - - - 

No matter how you name it, we are the oldest and most experienced firm in Utah, Idaho or Wyoming. We have done more projects than All our competitors Combined!

You name it and we've done it.
NOBODY can do a better job.

The video above is a Fun Shot from U.S.U.
Thanks to all the fine folks in Engineering, Carpentry, Facilities and Housing. We've been up there for three years doing major work throughout the campus, solving problems big and small.

If you are thinking about tearing out and replacing, have you checked the price of concrete lately? Disposal has also skyrocketed because of environmental concerns.

Save all the mess, expense, noise, 30 day down-time and hassle of tearing out and replacing sunken concrete and use the firm that has been doing it longer and better than anyone,

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Want to Renew that Old Stuff?
Our Exclusive Process comes with a Two Year Warranty, is 1/2 the cost of replacement, and is impervious to chemicals, salt and freeze/thaw cycles. (The job below is in Wellsville and now on the Four Year mark.)

The process has been around since 1933.  

You don't hear about it because there is far more profit in breakout and replacement. When you talk to a tear/out guy they will tell you our process doesn't work. We are their competition, you would expect them to say that. Simply ask them how long they are going to warranty their replacement concrete...


CAUTION: Check out the "Q & A" link. We have new firms entering the market every year and it used to bother me but they never last.  In the 13+ years I've been in business I've had over 27 competitors, none lasting over 2 years to include the current crop.

And folks, there is a reason they don't last...

Isn't it time you Marketed Smarter rather than just More Expensively?Isn't it time you Marketed Smarter rather than just More Expensively?


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